Welcome to the Vinogradova Lab!

The Vinogradova Lab has opened its doors on the 5th floor of Smith Hall at Rockefeller University in December 2020.

The laboratory of Chemical Immunology and Proteomics applies synthetic chemistry, chemical biology, and proteomics methods toward the goals of discovering and characterizing (a) novel selective chemical probes that perturb the functions of key proteins regulating immunological and neuroimmunological processes; (b) new mechanisms for small molecule-induced protein degradation; and, more broadly, (c) the pharmacological landscape and signal transduction pathways in immune and neuroimmunological disorders. Achieving these objectives is enhanced through the development of new chemical scaffolds targeting cysteine and other nucleophilic residues. By developing and applying innovative chemical proteomic profiling technologies, we aim to enrich our understanding of the molecular differences between pathologic and physiologic states in immune cells and cells of the nervous system (including microglia and oligodendrocytes, which are implicated in the autoimmune disorder multiple sclerosis). The lab also plans to explore how those differences can be further leveraged from a pharmacological perspective for the development of new therapies that not only target specific immune cell subtypes, but also the defined activation states of these cells.