Ekaterina Vinogradova, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, The Rockefeller University

Head of Laboratory of Chemical Immunology and Proteomics (2020 – )

Pfizer Fellow of Life Sciences Research Foundation 2015 – 2020, The Scripps Research Institute, Prof. Benjamin F. Cravatt

Ph.D. in Chemistry 2015, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald

M.Sc. in Chemistry 2010, Higher Chemical College, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Prof. Rogér Guilard and Prof. Aslan Yu. Tsivadze

Stephanie Adaniya

Research Assistant

B.S. Chemistry, Brown University (2020)

Bryan Duy-Anh Ngo, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow (co-mentored with Prof. Scott Lowe)

NCI Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award (F99/K00 Award)

Ph.D., Weill Cornell Cornell Medical College, Prof. Lewis Cantley (2020)

B.S. Developmental and Cell Biology, University of California, Irvine, Prof. Wen-Hwa Lee (2011)

Sanraj Mittal

Graduate student

The David Rockefeller Graduate Program

B.S. Biochemistry, Minor in International Relations, University of Southern California, Prof. Ray Stevens (2020)

Bria Sage VarnBuhler

Graduate student (Rotation, March-)

Tri-Institutional PhD Program in Chemical Biology

B.A. Chemistry, Pomona College, Prof. Charles Taylor (2020)

Nacim Kerrouche

Foreign Research Intern (February-)

University of Montpellier (2019 – present)

M.D., University of Algiers (2019)

Tiffany Zhang

Graduate student (Rotation, March-)

Tri-Institutional PhD Program in Chemical Biology

B.S. Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, Prof. David Baltimore (2018)

Marian Okondo

Graduate student (Rotation, March-)

The David Rockefeller Graduate Program

M.S. Chemistry (Biochemistry Track), Montclair State University, Prof. Nina Goodey (2015)

B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, North Dakota State University,Prof. Sangita Sinha (2012)

We are hiring!

The Vinogradova group is seeking motivated research assistants, a research specialist, graduate students and postdocs to join our team! Rotations are available from January 2021.